August 2, 2011

Simple Dinner. Fish Tacos with a side of Sweet Plantains (Platanos)

The key to good fish tacos is fresh fish. Our snapper went from boat to table in under 4 hours. That's the way to do it! Random thought: isn't it odd that fish is the only thing that smells like itself when its gone bad? Anyways....

For my fish tacos I rubbed the filet down with some taco seasoning

Then into the frying pan until cooked.

Serve in taco shells or tortillas with your favorite condiments. I like to use coleslaw mix instead of lettuce for an extra crunch.

The plantains are just as easy. Make sure you buy ones with bruised and dark skin like below. If your store doesn't have them you can buy green ones and wait for them to ripen on your counter.

 Peel the plantains and slice on an angle. Put them in a warm cast iron skillet with melted butter. Flip once they start to brown.

Don't these look awesome!

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