August 15, 2011

8 Trips for Animal Lovers

I had to share this great article I just read. Thanks to CNN and this article, 8 Trips for Animal Lovers, my bucket list for travel just got a lot longer.

My favorite trips mentioned include researching koalas in Australia (you get to hold them!), rehabilitating lions in Zimbabwe (walk and work with the lions), conserving sea turtles in Greece (monitor nesting, snorkel and a 2 day catamaran tour), volunteering with lemurs in Madagascar (helping an endangered species), washing elephants in Thailand (feed, bathe and learn about elephant families and communication) and saving sharks in South Africa (cage diving anyone!?). 

For some reason the trips focused on horses don't peak my curiosity at all. Maybe because I don't have to go too far to see a horse. Or maybe because I went horse back riding in Alaska and that stupid horse wanted to throw me off the mountain.  Who knows. But the rest of them are SO up my alley! And if you throw in a bit of volunteering it seems more meaningful somehow. Who's in?!

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  1. Yikes ~ the horse tried to throw you off?!?! I'm going on vacation in September...there will be some horse riding involved...I hope I don't get thrown off ~ I thought I only had to worry about getting on the horse! =)