November 11, 2011

Washington DC

I have been traveling for work a ton lately so sorry for the lack of posts. One upside to work travel is going to places you have never been like the conference that recently landed me in DC. Amazingly, the closest I have ever been to DC was a layover in the airport. It seems like most people I talk to went there on some middle school field trip. I must have been absent when those permission slips were handed out! Ron was able to meet me up there for the weekend which made it even more fun! So without further ado, our trip to DC in pictures. PS - I forgot the camera so you get to see it all through the eye of my iphone.

The White House
The Capitol

Capitol Dome

Jefferson Memorial


SNOW! That is a big deal more a FL Girl.

Lincoln Memorial

Occupy DC. All I saw was a bunch of tents and a white board. Maybe it was too cold for them to protest.

Supreme Court. I was pretty excited to go here and it was a total let down. If a lawyer can't even find it interesting I feel sorry for everyone else!
Sold in the SC gift shop. Lawsuit - The Game! How to teach our youth that suing is FUN!

Library of Congress.

WW2 Memorial and Washington Monument. Happy Veterans Day!

Vietnam Memorial. This one really struck me. While standing in front of the wall we were passed by some of those middle school field trips I was talking about earlier. The kids were having a great time making fun of certain names on the wall they thought sounded silly. Made me wonder, at what age will they 'get it'? Some of those names on the wall were of soldiers who were probably only a few years older than them when they gave their lives. It was gut wrenching:(                                              
 Make sure to thank a veteran today!

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