November 23, 2011

Santa's Little Helper...Travel in Comfort

Lets face it, airline travel has become one of the most undignified, uncomfortable and stressful parts of any vacation. You know something great is waiting for you when you hop off the plane, but first you have to run the gauntlet. Baggage fees, carry on allowances, damn it my perfume is 5oz not 3, palm swab (this is a new one but it actually happened to me last month), x-ray, strip searched,  buy a $5 bottle of water, wait a few hours since you got to the airport at the suggested time, settle in to your rock hard seat located next to crying baby/arm rest hog/sneezing guy (pick your poison), try unsuccessfully to nap, arrive (Yeah!), lost luggage (Boo!).... You know the drill! These gift ideas hopefully make the journey a lot more comfortable for your loved one (or you), so when they arrive they can start their vacation off on the right foot. Grab a few and make up a gift bag or stuff some stockings to bring joy to your traveler's face this season.

I am amazed by how the simple act of 'washing' your face after a flight can make you feel SO much better. I love these wipes by Pond's. They have a nice scent and don't leave you face feeling sticky or dry.

NARS Illuminator is like a multitasker which means one less thing you have to carry. It can be used as a blush or lip balm. And as if that isn't enough you can also use it to make your travel companions giggle (the color name is Orgasm).

We have all heard of and probably own a few bottles of travel hand sanitizer. I found a new take on the old standby alcohol gel that I find perfect for travel. Gold Bond makes a hand sanitizing lotion that not only sanitizes but moisturizes at the same time. Less stuff to pack is always a plus!

For a little splurge check out L' Occitane's hand creme. It is by far the best hand creme I have ever tried. It soaks in fast and leaves your hands so soft. I LOVE the Cherry Blossom scent but the plain is nice as well.

Surprise, another L'Occitane product. I actually don't think they could make a bad product if they tried. I always carry this lip balm and it is just as great every day as it is for travel. I used to be a lip balm junkie, but once I found this one I stopped shopping around.

For other beauty essentials check out Its a website dedicated to travel size toiletries, and they have tons of brands, not just your usual drug store variety.

No more $5 bottles of water! This bottle will save you money and help keep plastic bottles out of the landfill. Win-win situation. Another win for you is that it comes with a built in filter. So now, you can fill your bottle up at the airport water fountain or the hotel room sink and not be freaked out about what is in your water. I purchased this bottle for my trip to Oktoberfest and it worked great. It never leaked, even on the plane, and saved us a ton on buying bottled water.

Just for fun.
There are a ton of these cute luggage tags on Amazon with different sayings, shapes, and designs. It would also make a cute name tag for your gift.

Do you have any travel comfort musts?

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