February 10, 2012

Worst $5 I Ever Spent at Whole Foods

The new fad for healthy snacking promoted on all the recent cooking shows is kale chips. I have been trying to eat better, so on my outing to Whole Foods last night I decided to pick up a bag of these Kaia Foods salt & vinegar kale chips and see what all the fuss is about. If I can replace chips or other junk food with kale it has to be good right? I keep a pretty open mind with new foods (I happily ate and enjoyed raw herring in Amsterdam) but, ummmmm, wow, these were DISGUSTING! I really don't understand how they made a vegetable taste so bad. An odd cross between cardboard, gerbil food and hop pellets, I think I would rather eat the bag. And the Salt and Vinegar flavor was nonexistent. When I asked my hubby to describe them his exact words were "shitty shit". Consider yourself warned! Anybody have any luck with kale chips? Did you make them yourself or is there a packaged brand you actually enjoyed?

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